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Teenagers and Movies, Music and Culture (Part II)

Here's a challenge to all people I will target in this posting - if you can write 100 words or of your all time favourite movie whether good or bad and send to me via my email at:

There's no prize,  but I want you to complete the challenge so I know you can write review

OK. What is it about this current generation. Generation Y is that generation.

I am quite sure that as you move to different generations they are literally dumb into making choices. Like should you spend on cash when you have $600 in your wallet or you spend by one of your credit cards you should only use for 'emergencies'.  The biggest disadvantages on cash is that you'll lose some money you should pay for lunch. The biggest disadvantages with credit cards is that as much as you spend it on expensive items more, it'll expire.

DVDs are quite like $6 to $29. But the average price for a new DVD is about $20 while Blu Rays are worth $30. But there's something that DVDs (or the film industry) need to take a stance on. Movie Piracy.

You know. The people supplying us with discs showing movies currently screening in theatres are Triads. And teenagers are going to the street buying these discs where it only cost $4, but the disc has a low quality in picture, sound, and features. I don't teenagers hold up a majority but we've seen ads where they say piracy is a problem for the film industry. And the people who buy pirated movies simply ignore it.

Well I'm not talking about movie piracy. I'm talking movies here and how this generation treats it like dirt.

Teenagers are going to the movie more than their parents. I mean their parents would adore celebrities like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Aniston, Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp but I and the rest of Y adored people like Robert Pattinson, Megan Fox, Taylor Lautner, or any actress that had posed in a lad's mag before.. These people cannot even act but yet they are in love because they are good looking.

Why are boys drooling at Megan Fox. She's just a sex bomb. Seriously there are actresses that are pretty enough than Fox. What about Zooey Deschanel or Emma Stone. Even Blake Lively or Mila Kunis? Come on. They should be part of your stupid famtasies.

Whatever happened to celebrities who are naturally beautiful today? I mean the only actresses that are naturally hot are Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman.

I given up to the former. Johansson is a no good actress even if her amazing looks could lure both the boys and girls. And the only men she attracts are guys that are older than her. In their 40s? That is not on. Hathaway is literally a white person. She doesn't put on a lot of makeup except for some lipstick and eyelash or plastic surgery and every year she's becoming more gorgeous than ever.

A lot of girls see both Johansson and Hathaway as role models but they have something against Hathaway. They think she look like a rat and is annoying. On the other hand there's Natalie Portman and she might be one of the greatest actresses of her generation. The problem with her is that unless you have seen the Star Wars prequels, you have never heard of her. Teens should at least watch one Natalie Portman movie other than the Star Wars prequels.

 I have a total of 28 DVDs and I call them The Good Ones because all of these movies were acclaimed. Here some example:

  • Kick Ass
  • Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
  • Inception
  • Up
  • Minority Report
  • The Dark Knight
  • The Departed
  • Little Miss Sunshine.
  • (500) Days OF Summer
  • Sin City
  • The Matrix
These movies are examples of what teenagers are missing out. IF I was going to a field trip to Washington and my teachers ask me to bring a movie so I and the other kids won't get bored I will bring them in. But I will most likely to pick Scott Pilgrim or Minority Report since the movie should be rated PG -13 or M in Australia. I wouldnt choose Inception or The Dark Knight because they think it is gay and I wouldn't choose Up because it's a Pixar movie. 

Inception and The Matrix has one thing in common. They both go into different universes and they both are smart and make the audiences think. It took me a while during the movie to figure out the plot halfway through The Matrix. And I'm not telling you that because you were too numb to understand it or people like me ahd figured it out. People at school once teased me for watching the Matrix because they couldn't understand it like they couldn't understand Inception.

I tried that hard to convince people to watch good movies. Nick Lyons tries to tell people to watch Black Swan. Problem is nobody listens to him

The only movies teenagers love nowadays are movies with broad humor like Adam Sandler movies or movies with Rob Schneider (my favourite actor of all time. Not), movies with hotties such as Twilight and Transformers and movies that are witless and juvenile like the Frieberg-Seltzer movies and they say it was funny. 

Come on people. Why can't teenagers be mature about movies? I mean they may as well forget their dates or what day do they have their exams.

Well I don't blame them. You know teenagers can be either the most demanding or undemanding depending on what movie Hollywood makes. If it was a Christopher Nolan movie it will undemanding because we don't know what movie idea Nolan has next in his mind. But if it was Transformers or an Adam Sandler movie, every young person will say (not literally) 'we want more. Give me more'.

I believe there will be more Resident Evil movies than there is for James Bond. The more movies they're planning the more demanding it gets. Seriously can it stop. It's a stupid video game movies. They're meant to be bad and pwned by the box office.

But honestly I still have something in common with the public. I enjoyed some Adam Sandler movies including Anger Management and Happy Gilmore, but the best movie with Adam Sandler is Reign Over Me. I enjoyed Superbad which was really funny and another movie The Hangover. Both these movies are actually hilarious based on story and comedy. I still have fun with comedy unless I would be offended

So if anyone is reading this you have two choices - either think about the movies you watch and change your taste or give me hate mail at my address or the comments.

You're offended? Hate me. Hate Me. I'm ready for you. Try and spam me whatever you want because it would never solve anything.


    You have done it Adrian, you have pissed every stupid person who reads it.

    The matter is your right. If I say "Hey watch Inception! its great!" people will come back to me and say "I saw it, it was dumb" I would ask why, they would say it just doesnt make sense. If I tell people to go watch Black Swan, they come back to me and say "Its Porn", really? A thrilling psycho sexual film about the fear of trying to be perfect? I would probably be the only one who would have noticed that. And my friend loved it more than I did! and she is a women with great taste!

    The point is, people arent always going to understand something we do, its not because the film is dumb, its because they are to stupid to understand it at all!

    Great rant Adrian!

  2. Your brother-in-law (jk it's Richard)January 6, 2011 at 7:04 PM

    Well that was the longest thing I've ever read that was typed up by someone I know in real life. I know I can't say a lot because the only movies I've seen are either horror or anime. I must say that anime really inspires my imagination and horror is so damn funny in how most of the time it fails. Seriously watch Dawn of the Dead and you'll be laughing. Watch Shaun of the Dead and you'll be laughing even more. Anyway, I too believe that was a great rant. However I might have gotten into movies more if I were shown a movie with great character development before I saw an anime like Spirited Away which really moved me. Ah thank god for SBS. So next time I see you at school maybe you could recommend me a movie with great character development and action and I will watch it.

    Sorry for the lack of using paragraphs. I was too lazy.