Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Top Films of 2012 - Some Honourable Mentions

This is the article where I will respond to those little comments from 'oh. where's [insert movie they like]' to 'this guy actually bothered to put [insert film] on this list, but not [insert film]'. So whatever's missing, I'll partly address here. I put in eleven spots (eleven, because I'm really kind) because there has been so many good films released in the past year or so, both coming in from genre and the arthouse. But there are five films that kinda missed out. Here are some of the movies that have just missed the cut because 11 is the limit.

I should mention that there are movies that I still haven't seen but could be a good candidate for any of these countdowns. Films such as Dredd, The Master, Pitch Perfect, A Royal Affair and many others that are quite obscure or unknown to actually be seen.

The Top Films of 2012

This is it, folks....