Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review of Inception

Warning: may contain spoilers

Is This It?... Inception really is luminous!

Have you ever went out of the cinema saying to yourself: "That was so much fun"?

Well that what I was thinking when the movie Inception had come to a finish. And no i will not tell you what's gonna happen at the end and so forth.

Inception stars Leonardo Dicaprio as this spy Cobb, who goes and steals information and secrets of other people by going into their dreams or as the movie would say it "going into someone's subconsciousness for corporate espionage". But whenever his dead wife (Marion Cottilard) appears, his moves backfires and Cobb, hired by a wealthy Japanese businessman (Ken Wantabe), would complete one extra task which is to plant an idea, or otherwise an Inception into a person's subconsciousness so deep that he can't steal it. And he will need a lot of help. From Joseph Gordon Levitt as his main assistant Arthur to Ellen Page as jis architect, the person creating the dream to Cillian Murphy, Cobb's target.

I have been excited to see Inception and it was a visual experience. Inception is almost a science fiction, psychological thriller that takes out every gut of your mind or in my own words a mind bender. What also interesting is the number of influences. I see some James Bond influence, as well as some from The Matrix, even a bit of Blade Runner you see there. It is almost a combination of all of these influences.

If you've seen any of Christopher Nolan's movies like Memento (which is so far his magnus opus), the Batman films (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) or The Prestige, you'll know. He has a gift or style of making films that has high concept which sidesteps most of your expectations. But if you're seen any of his movies and later become puzzled of what's happening, you're gonna be confused with Inception.

Pretty much the same anyway. Nolan directed his latest flick almost perfectly. The camera angles are great, and much of every element is dark and really logical as that happens with most of his films as well as score by Hans Zimmer which is so powerful. One piece of music from Edith Piaf is allusioned as well.

I was pretty amazed with the effects done in this movie. And as I said The Matrix influenced most of Inception's action. Most of the scenes are mostly shot in slow mo and the action takes place in extraordinary situations like zero gravity fights or a block of the city turning upside downProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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nd it's all turned out to be a dream.

The screenplay looks clever and intelligent. And a multi-layered plot is like a really difficult algorithm a Pure Maths student would solve. Written by Nolan, this is the best and original Hollywood had put in for a long time. As 2010 is the year where remakes and sequels conquered. But the best thing about the screenplay is that it's in a class of its own. Nothing competes against Inception this year as long it is innovative and exciting. To me, since it complement every aspect so much, it is almost like an orchestra.

Most of the cast is really developed and really charismatic in their own ways. They are the highlights of the movie. Both Joseph Gordon Levitt and Ellen Page shed their indie flick images to something that is really dynamite and emotional at the same time. With the rest of the cast especially with Leonardo Dicaprio, they deliver best-so-far performances. But another highlight is French actress Marion Cottilard. She looks stunning and sexy, but Cottilard plays Dicaprio's dead wife who goes into his fantasies and by the end, she's really scary and demented.

Also the climax is really gripping and on-the-edge drama and the endiong. Well it's similar to Nolan's previous non-Batman movie The Prestige. And if you seen The Prestige and how it ends and you read the end of the review, you might have an idea of what it is

Inception. It's a land mark movie!

Verdict: Dreamy, mind-bending, it's a pure and ingenious significance to this year in films