Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top 10 of 2010: Movies of 2010

Let's review 2010. The year was not a bad year for all cinephiles, however it is more of the year where the younger audience never cared about movies and its integrity to entertain. What I'm saying is 2010 is mediocre and superficial. Sure there are some great movies, but the relentless number of sequels, remakes and movies made out of 3D had made this an exhausting period. Yet again many films independently made are still good and might get a spot at the Oscars next year.

But more so when I was in the mood with movies that are really great, many peers at school dismiss my tastes in these kinds of movies. They either watched it and for no reason think it's boring or generally avoid it for the worst movies there is. This is the moral: kids will never respect you when you are doing or playing different whether it's movies, fashion or music. They go for the same mainstream music. After I learnt this lesson, I realize that I shouldn't care about what people are saying to you.

However there were some movies made by Hollywood runned by great filmmakers that had made some movies not just one of the best films of the year, but the greatest of its time. Maybe of all time. There are movies that made me think, that made me enjoy, laugh, cry and more fascinated by their stories.

OK, here's how I would arrange my best movies:

- All movies released in my place (i.e. Australia) should be released in 2010 (so if one movie was initially released in 2009, it would be released in 2010 if it wasin Australia)
- These is my own words
- My reasons on picking these movies are exact.

Oh and before we get into the list here's a review of 2010 in movies:

So let's get into it, shall we?

#10 - Up In The Air*
A lot of the public will either find this a great movie or a movie they have wasted their time on after being bored for 108 minutes about a guy who fires and consult his company for a living while flying around America to earn a million flyer miles along with a mysterious companion and his competitor.
Jason Reitman's film takes a witty and clever insight of employees working their asses off during the economic downturn. When their employment is terminated, they wreck everything in the room.
But you see George Clooney, even if you hate him because of his philosophy of life and his ambitions, playing this character doing things so unbelievable that it makes him believable.

Look Out for: There's a moment where Zach Galifinakis appears breaking down in the most hilarious ways

Great for DVD? Sort of. Deleted scenes and featurettes about the movie including an onlook of Jason Reitman's famous title sequences

#9 - The Town
We've seen this kind of story a million times. But Ben Affleck's The Town about a bunch of robbers who rob banks in the Boston area of Charlestown, is handled with true grit as both actor and director, proving that his last film Gone Baby Gone is no accident.
Crime in Boston is at times hard to combat. And Affleck proves that with some great action sequences including two car chases and a heist but at its heart some compassion and remorse.
This may be a director's film with Affleck the starlight for this flick, but Jon Hamm, Rebecca Hall and Pete Postlethwaite had some great things going on.

#8 - The Hurt Locker*
Winning the Oscar (I prefer the Academy Awards as many while the Oscar as for Best Picture) this year, The Hurt Locker deals with a bomb diffuser in the Iraq conflict who's unorthordox methods frustrates his colleagues considering him as reckless.
Jeremy Renner makes a great persona for his character William James who creates a climatic tension between character and story just like it did in Hollywood.
Even if Kathryn Bigelow made me sick with the extreme hand held camera work, it's an important outline of the war today. Pity this arthouse film has to deal with pirates.

Look Out For: When William James is introduced the name of the base he's spearheading has some political issues.

#7 - In The Loop*
Another movie about the war in Iraq. This isn't about soldiers. It's about the stakeholders focusing on the most questioned issue in the early 2000s. The stakeholders: generals, public servants and politicians. All are which are idiots and one of them so acid tongue you would want to applaud him.
Based on the BBC's acclaimed TV series The Thick Of It, In The Loop involves looping your head with the biggest situation in politics whacked up into dry and potty-mouthed humour.
It's a modern update of Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove.
But what is more interesting is that these characters fail in spectacular style that is unrelated with the Iraq War.
And what's more interesting is that sadly it might be apparent on Wikileaks.

Look Out For: Many pop culture references including Keira Knightley and Shrek.

#6 - Animal Kingdom
This and Winter's Bone were joint winners at this year's Sundance Film Festival. For some reason they're both considered boring to the public. I  might agree with Winter's Bone given how overrated it is but for Animal Kingdom I don't.
It takes place in Melbourne where a small criminal family runned by matriarch Smurf, played by an excellent Jacki Weaver, is taken down by authorities. And the boy J has to find his place.
Gritty and uptight, it's a psychological exploration of the criminal family, somthing we had never seen before. This is the best Australian movie in years.

Look Out for: Air Supply's "Outta Love" is featured where one of the characters die.

#5 - Toy Story 3
This may not have been a perfect film, but it is flawless and awesome. Even the most cynical could love this movie (except for Armond White). Toy Story 3 is a fun and entertaining animated ride filled with richly animated toys that has lot of heart. At the end of the day this is about being together and willing to belong to someone who would take care of Woody, Buzz and Jessie in a gentle stance.
But there is something that needs to be explained. It's not really the #1 animated movie of all time and also why do so many guys cry.
This is Pixar's best material. It keeps getting better film after film. It also proved to be the best movie trilogy of all time. Take that, Lord Of The Rings!

Look Out for: There's a Totoro toy in one scene which makes this movie cuter.

#4 - Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
By far the most ridiculous story that has a completely niched audience, Edgar Wright's adaptation of Scott Pilgrim is very awesome.
Michael Cera plays a new character he has never played before as the eponymous name who date the girl of her dreams (literally!) and when he does he face seven ex-boyfriends. in this case, seven Evil Exes.
I don't get why the niche audience never saw this coming (maybe because it's released with one gender movies The Expendables and Eat Pray Love), it's visually exciting, and witty that even though it shamelessly borrows from spaghetti westerns, Bollywood musicals, Hong Kong action, comic books and video games it proves something. This is the surrealist state of art in cinema.

Look Out For: When Michael Cera comes in, there's the usage of the Seinfeld theme music.

Great for DVD? Probably. The two disc editon which is the collector's edition has deleted scenes, alternative footage and music promos.

#3 - Kick-Ass
Anyone who criticize this movie for its ultra violence and an 11 year old girl doing it is a prude. That include moralistic, conservative film critics, parents and priests.
This wonderful movie where it ask why there's no superhero in real life, a comic book geek gets that answer when becoming a no-power super is that you get metal plates when doing so.
Of all the comic book movies I've seen, this is a breakout for Chloe Moretz and a strong performance from Nicolas Cage who both play the irony of a generalised daddy-daughter relationship but they're still strong together.
This is a movie never to be taken seriously. It is refreshingly and darkly funny, this movie was considered an abomination.

Look Out For: The name of the weapon Hit Girl wanted for her brithday

Great for DVD? Probably. An extended edition incluedes the Making of Kick Ass

#2 - Inception
Christopher Nolan had brought us great movies including Memento and The Dark Knight. But Nolan's latest epic is Inception, a mind blowing and bending movie about Leonardo Dicaprio's character who's an extractor and go into someone's dreams and steal secrets. But he, along with his crew has to plant an idea to someone that would have influence the lives of that person.
It is visually enhancing as Nolan creates a milestone. This film used a minimal amount of CGI for its main sequences and instead used a range of practical methods for these scenes including a shoot out and a fight sequence done in zero gravity .
Dicaprio has a lot of heart and compassion inside it and he's also melacholy and poignant given how he'd lost his wife at her dream state and had never seen his children since he is accused of his wife's death.
Nolan had been making this movie for ten years and whilest its screenplay is smart, multi-layered and original, it's pretty hard to understand. I really think this is one of my favourites of the year since it does something an average blockbuster had never done. Make the audience think. This is how you can like this movie. If you can't, then you just can't take this movie.
I was disappointed that no one in my school had got the balls to see this mind bender. Inception is one movie you should watch a few times and is great science fiction flick.

Look Out For: When the music plays as a warning that the dream is collapsing, the song Non Je ne regrette Nien is sung by Marion Cottilard who sung that song in the 2007 movie La Vie En Rose for which she recieved an Oscar.

Great DVD? Absolutely. People are anticipating the Blu Ray since it has extra features and goodies including a replica spinning top.

#1 - The Social Network
David Fincher's movie about the largest social gathering on the web (i.e Facebook) has much irony to the website's purpose. The owner, CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg has made nothing social to his colleagues leading to two seperate lawsuits between the Winklevoss twins suing him for stealing their website and his co-founder Eduardo Saverin for freezing the company's share.
Facebook started because Zuckerberg was dumped by a girl. Is it because he was desperate for social acceptance as he wanted to be in Harvard's finals clubs.
Jesse Einseberg brilliantly executes the contrasting yet reflective persona of the Facebook founder in Fincher's darkly timed epic.
Fincher has brought up a great crew to this movies including Aaron Sorkin (West Wing creator) who fills his screenplay with politics at a bullet speed, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails as the composer and Kevin Spacey who is the executive producer, to bring up a zeigeist defining movie that also defines a generation of Net users.
For the first time since American Beauty, The Social Network is the most talked about movie by both the public and the critics. A strong chance of winning the Oscar, Fincher's movie has poignancy to a person who is not just a billionaire and a creator, but a genius.

Look Out for: Aaron Sorkin makes a cameo as an advertising executive.

Honourable mentions to:
Fantastic Mr. Fox; Shutter Island; Green Zone; Easy A; Robin Hood; Boy; Four Lions; Tron Legacy; The Kids Are All Right; A Single Man; Greenberg

Best Upcoming Movies (Movies I wanted to watch):

1. Black Swan
2. 127 Hours
3. True Grit
4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II
5. Tintin: The Secrets of The Unicorn.
6. Paul
7. Sucker Punch

And the worst...

Seriously, 2010 hasn't been a great year for movies especially comedies which are getting broader. And the more broader, the less attention younger audiences get to the movies like the ones mentioned above. When Inception asked What is the most resilient parasite? The movies that are made for grabbing cash. Most of these movies I haven't watched yet observed so you would argue how did I made this list. But when the numbers are high, it's apparent that younger audiences are immature and lazy at the cinemas.

#10 The Last Airbender
Was a fan of the TV series that turned into the big screen with nadir results from the direction of M Night. Shylamalan, performances of the cast and the worst 3D visuals.

#9 Eat Pray Love
This chick flick based on the memoirs promoted by Oprah Winfrey would be a waste of your spare two hours. Add in the ten minutes and like a boring traveller's TV show. Julia Roberts who was pretty in the 90s returned as this self-absorbed women who just travel for no apparent reason other than to 'find herself'. Yeah right   

#8 Killers or Life As We Know It
The more rom-coms Katherine Heigl appears, the more society will hate her. Baby jokes and literally killer jokes are so lame.

#7 Marmaduke, Yogi Bear and Cats & Dogs 
There's something I'm uncomfortable with. Talking animals in a live action kids flick. They can't shut up.

#6 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Along with Justin Bieber and Jersey Shore could somebody get rid of this abomination we have in this society?

#5 Sex and the City 2
Another torturous waste of your spare two hours. And twenty minutes.

#4 Vampires Suck
Makes #6 looks better

#3 Resident Evil: Afterlife
Hand me that dog and I will rip it in half - Robert Downey Jr

#2 The Last Song or Dear John
Like #6, Nicholas Sparks is an abomination. Why does he has to be brainwashed by Hannah Montana to write this turkey?

#1 Grown Ups or Cop Out
Grown Ups has to put down everybody in their system while Cop Out just been copped off. Grown Ups was watched by everybody at my school. I resented it because they think it is funny. It's not.


  1. What a GREAT blog! Good job! Your peers aren't the only ones who watch the same shit and listen to the same music. My school is terrible when it comes to individuality. I recently saw Black Swan, and when I tried to convince people to go see it, they would just laugh at the fact that the story centers on a ballerina. Just because of that, it's automatically a light chick-flick. Well, that's too bad for them. They're really missing out. I know it's not out in Australia yet, but when it is, you MUST go see it! It would definitely make #1 on my list (by the way, I'll be writing a similar blog on the 31st, so look out for it).

    Just quickly going through your picks: I loved Up in the Air. I thought The Town was too formulaic. I was probably the first person from my school to see The Hurt Locker, and I liked it at first, but after all the exaggerated praise and awards it took home I wanted to kill Kathryn Bigelow and I started to hate the movie. I really want to see In the Loop and Animal Kingdom. I looooooooooved Toy Story 3, and I've already bought it as a Christmas present for my little brothers, though it was more for myself. I didn't care for Scott Pilgrim; sure it was funny and insanely cool at times, but for me the story really fell short. Kick-Ass was kick-ass, and Hit-Girl is my favorite movie character of the year. Inception used to be my favorite movie of the year, until I saw Black Swan. And though I really liked The Social Network, I have to see it again. Because at the moment, I feel that it's winning too many awards that it doesn't deserve (I mean, come on-- best score?!?).

    Go see 127 Hours when it comes out over there. It's another one of my favorites (I saw it at the film festival in September, and I got to see Danny Boyle and James Franco).

    Luckily, I didn't get the chance to see any bad movies this year.

    I plan on seeing True Grit, The King's Speech, Rabbit Hole, and Somewhere before the year is over.

    Wow, that was one of the longest comments I've ever written. I should present it to a publishing house and I could have a bestseller. Ha.

    Talk to you later,

    - Nick

  2. Amazing post my friend. My favorite is The Social Network as well and I sure hope it gets the Oscar. The worst for me was The Last Airbender, it was such an awful expierence which I hope I won't have to undergo ever again.

  3. @Nick L. I have been writing this post for hours and even though I would be put down by others for my tastes, I'll learn that life is unfair.

  4. You are correct. This is the best blog you have ever written. Very entertaining and engaging. A job well done. Keep up the good work into the new year.

  5. Great list! Kinda odd that you included films that came out last year (or at least in the US), but I like your choices and your commentary is funny.