Monday, December 6, 2010

In The Loop

B+ (8.0)

Picture this. The biggest news event around is Wikileaks right now. But what if Julian Assange leaked conversations of British minsters and American diplomats discussing about the war in Iraq. Then right now the people would be embarassed if these politicians' talk were displayed to the public like the film In The Loop.

When humans are being animals, it is usually because they are angry. Well meet Malcolm Tucker (Pete Capaldi), England's director of Communications for the Prime Minister. He is a skeleton who spat out profanities if something went wrong.

Tucker has to deal with Simon Foster (Tom Hollander), the Minister for International Development (if there is one) who accidently referred about the war in Iraq during talkback radio. This had America interested with a war-supporting Senator, a narrowed minded Sergeant, a sort-of pacifist public servant and the Assistant Secretary for Diplomacy interested when both Britain and America are going to war. So, Tucker and Foster has to deal the situation with the stakeholders who would await the UN to vote on going into conflict.

This is the modern and updated version of Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove or Barry Levinson's Wag The Dog. It is fantastic to see this witty movie look into each the lives of politicians and public servants with the littlest brains dealing with the biggest issue in national security, foreign affairs and anything to do with terrorism.

The characters are much important than the story. IF you can focus on them, you will laugh out loud as these people meet their downfall in spectacular form. From document leaks to a public scandal that is as big as it seems.

By the time you hear Malcolm Tucker dropped the F bomb for at least 6 times a minute, you will start laughing. And you'll know that he wasn't at the right place at the right time. Tucker is so memorable and you know that by the end, he's the hero of this movie. He's the guy you should feel sorry for because he has to be looking after mindless politicians who couldn't even handle war very well.

There is a countless list of pop culture references in the dialogue. From Keira Knightley, Julie Andrews, Gweneth Paltrow, The Omen to Shrek. This is the only thing kids will understand from the movie if they are watching since a massive amount of swearing will break the glass of their ears.

As much pop culture references there are quotes that are most memorable including 'to walk the road of peace, sometimes we have to climb the mountain of conflict' by Simon Foster who doesn't have the balls to say that Britain is at war with Iraq.

Given how the Coen brother's black comedy Burn After Reading look the same way as the dumbest people in public is involved in politics, In The Loop deals with just people involved in Parliament and Congress. And when you're fighting in the 'war' room, it's in Congress and with public servants and interns who swear at you if things unrelated to them piss them off.

The one thing that I wish this film would be better would be that if the characters would go into wacky situations, it would be more funnier since the humor can only rely on the dialogue. Look at all the political comedies like Burn After Reading or Dr. Strangelove. It is really funny because their characters go into situations that are so not really funny until these films come along.

At the end of the day, you will learn that politics can be really messed if you're trying to find a job so important and it's becoming a public servant.

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