Friday, July 8, 2011

Wilfred review

Imagine having to be the usual everyman in your neighbourhood. You've done nothing in your life, you've wanted to kill yourself and finally somebody's there to change your life for the better... and for the worst. And that guy is a talking dog but is not what you see.

Wilfred is the latest American remake of a TV show. It's based on an Australian comedy mini-series about Ryan (Elijah Wood) stuck on his life and on the verge of depression. A new neighbour Jenna moved in and ask him to look after her dog Wilfred in which to his and the viewer's perception is a guy in a dog suit. To people who are not Ryan, he's a perfectly normal dog. For him however, he's a foul mouthed pervert, smokes a bong and drink. But as the two species (the character is still a dog) bond, Ryan's life will turn around.

If you don't know what I've mean, think Brian Griffin from Family Guy yet his IQ is slightly dumb.

Pilot  and Trust - We first see Ryan attempting suicide because his life is going nowhere despite her sister had set up a job for him at a hospital (now that's irony). Ryan is introduced to Wilfred and when he comes in, he acts like a dog albeit he's a man in a dog suit (e.g. - he digs holes but with a shovel.). When they are in the same room smoking pot, Ryan had forgotten about the job offer at the hospital. After a night of hard smoking and stealing pot, he confronts his sister and decides to hang out with Wilfred as much as he wanted to.

Then in Trust the two walk down the beach in where not coincidentally Wilfred is not permitted to walk in. Jenna asks Ryan to take him to the vet given how much trust both guys have put in to each other. When Wilfred went into the vet, he's distraught to see how Ryan would betray him to impress Jenna. During a checkup, Wilfred inadvertantly tells Ryan that Jenna is a man  he somewhat believed him.

The theme for every episode of the series will be the name of the episode. This is happiness in where Ryan guide to the hapiness he will first encounter in his life through Wilfred. Wilfred is played by Jason Gunn who also played that character in the original. His title character is mind-boggling whether you see him as a dog or a man playing dog. He brings his animal to the level of the current Charlie Sheen. He holds philosophical advice for Ryan to get his life back on track like him. There are some stoner jokes I liked, gags that playing with a typ and some sharp dialogue, Elijah Wood plays our awkward hero in a sense that we're watching a movie directed by Darren Arronofsky where we explore the mindset of a guy lonely and self-hating. But the highlight of this episode is the friendship between Ryan and Wilfred as it is more fascinating than the main concept of the show.

Trust in where Ryan builds it with Wilfred and Jenna is the name of the second episode and this clearly identifies that between these characters. It is pretty predictable to where the episode going in where Ryan inadvertantly betrays both characters. Trust is more superior than the Pilot in humor, but in terms of plot I think we've been there for so long.

Overall Wilfred is a show that is funny and plays ironically that dogs are a man's best friend. This is the best television remake America had done since The Office.

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