Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Teenagers and Movies, Music and Culture (Part I)

If I can reveal part of my identity is that I am 16 years old. i have moved to a new location because I wanted to start my new life. The new life is to stay away from people who are too prejudiced and biased towards me.

I get judged a lot. My opinions, my tastes in culture, which actress I like and what kind of talents I have. My talents include music, reading, maths and english as well as studying law and obviously movies.

Unfortunately young people can't tolerate them.

I wanted to open up about my interests but people knock it off all the time. Why is it that so many people criticise without thinking it through or giving me a simple piece of logical explaination why they would criticise.

The point is high school kids pick on you for doing something they've never heard of or you did something that was really good. For example, watching a movie or going to a gig of your favourite indie band.

If you remember that one of my most popular posts was how I was bullied for watching Inception and how I think The Social Network would be put down the same way I've experienced when saying I'd loved Inception. When I told at least one tall person to watch that great movie, he just did and had find it a fascinating movie. I told everyone that there's a movie about Facebook but I didn't tell anybody that you should watch it because it has great reviews. I didn't take The Social Network up to heart but I did with Inception cos it was one of the most talked about movies there is since it was very hard to understand. But I don't get why people never see things my way.

 HEre's an example. In my country (i.e Australia) people at my school hated Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister because she has red hair and she's a woman. That observation is nowhere detailed and yet very broad. I also disliked her because she doesn't done anything good yet to my place. And she's following me on Twitter would you believe it! SO what it is that people see her as a bad PM prejudiced to the fact of her physical appearance. If I had lived in America where I go to an American high school, the kids would be liking Barack Obama because of his colour.

When Nick Lyons (a person I follow on Twitter) told me that everybody at his place dismissed him for watching Black Swan, I felt kind of bad for him because we both lived the same lives. Our tastes are dismissed because we have seen movies few young people have seen. Lyons complain about our youth today and he is actually right. Movies, music and everything. Let's start off with music, shall we?

Glee, Justin Bieber and the rest of today's music.

When you hear atrocious music on our radios we skip it because it's horrible. Justin Bieber is played everyday just so he can get 14 year old girls in their cars to shriek when they hear them. I have nothing against Bieber, but his lyrics are really cliche and they're not really lyrics at all. They're pick up lines and that's what have the whole female gender swoon for him. And guess what? His most famous song Baby is considered the worst song of 2010 by some publications. And... ok i hate everything about that annoying p**ck.

Bieber is responsible for a third of the world's stampedes last year. HE visited Australia just so a morning breakfast show could get ratings. It was a disaster. The audience could not control themselves which has his gig cancelled. However he still performed in the studios. I have no problem but when he continuously make headlines because of his great performances, I couldn't stand it.

I can be honest that I actually hate Bieber haters. You know it just pisses me off when every comment about Bieber is posted on Youtube and they were negative. Bieber's videos are the most hated in Youtube would you believe it? So it's hard to classify what majority I'm in when I hate Bieber haters when I hate Bieber himself, but his lyrics are just pick up lines and are so shrill and laughable.

You know what else is worst? Bruno Mars. The dude is really annoying and I would give him benefit of the doubt for liking Nothin On You since I like that song, but Bruno Mars like Bieber gave us really cheesy lyrics (I'm sorry) including Bilionaire which I find the chorus laughable and cheap. I find 2010 atrocious in music despite my article of 2010's best music.
If you're 'glee' enough please stop!

I was laid off for listening to MGMT, The Killers, Muse, Radiohead and any rock band there is because these bonkers think that rock is dead. I honestly don't like RnB and the teens still play it on their radios. I don't mind it as long as it wasn't play too much on the radio. If you don't like today's music move on to great music from the past. As long it is original and was great back then.

If you try listening to any great songs from the past expect it to be covered by the excruciating Glee. When I first heard Empire State OF Mind by Jay Z, I was loving it. But the 'Gleesters' ruined by autotuning it because their fans are either too dumb to know that song or they just want it suitable for their own show. Please Glee. OR should I ask Fox Corp. Please don't give this show the rights to sing from Nirvana or Linkin Park or My Chemical Romance because if they did, then the songs covered will turn soggy like your ham sandwich spilt by your black coffee. So please stop covering songs that were once great.

I honestly watched the first five episodes of Glee. I like them, however I still hate it. The acting is so terrible it's almost equal to Twilight. You can't do anything about it if you want to convert me into a lover. I'm not. I'm a fighter.

And I'm really disappointed that so many great people from Hollywood is liking this turd. Why Anne Hathaway would you turn into this show? You were once my favourite actress. And now I have to move on. Why. Javier Bardem. WHy? Neil Patrick Harris. Why? Everyone's going for this no-brainer.

There's not a great rock song last year that was charting the charts. (Hey Sould Sister does not count). Does the majority (i.e teenagers) have a problem with rock? I want an answer. IF you think rock music is not lying there cracked into big chunks, your only solution is to listen to music that is not mainstream because that kind of music is great. Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire are great examples and people listen to them if they've been following them on the Net.

I think Australia's taste of music is really shallow. I get tortured when P!nk is played by every station and they have to follow everything in America. I think they should go back to follow Britain.

Expect to hear more as I look into teenager's views on movies.


  1. Great rant, Adrian! I agree with everything you're saying. 1 - don't get me started on Obama. Almost every damn student at my school only likes him and thinks he's the best because he's black. They have absolutely NO idea what he has and hasn't done for his country. 2 - I'm still having trouble convincing people to see Black Swan. It's mostly girls that saw it and told me that they really enjoyed it. Guys wouldn't dare go near that movie! Because it has to do with ballet! 3 - I'm on the same boat as you with Bieber. I find his lyrics laughable and his compositions horrible, but I don't hate the kid. I hate people who say they hate him more. People won't shut up about how much they hate him. I think his haters are mostly the ones who are making him popular.

    I've completely given up with music. Mainstream music, that is. I don't touch any of it anymore, though I used to always listen to MGMT and The Killers (the best of mainstream). It makes me so mad to hear what teenagers deem "good music". They don't even know about what goes into a song. They just eat whatever crap is on their dumb mainstream plate. Even though it's just recycled bullshit. Lately I've been listening to a lot of film score (Ennio Morricone, Thomas Newman, John Williams...) and a lot of good old classic rock (The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, The Rolling Stones...).

    Sometimes I just hate the generation I'm a part of.

  2. Dude I 100% fucking agree with you!

    I am im a school were No one has heard of alot of the films we love to watch. Not many people will see The Godfather, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Social Network. Music is tough to describe. It's basically divided for people, so people will have different opinions. But I will say this, people who dress up like hipsters and wannabe gangsters have horrible tastes since their music makes absolutley no sense.

    I just know our generation has horrible tastes.

    Great rant Adrian!!!