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Franchises teenagers can't get enough of

According to the Oxford Dictionary, franchise is a term used to describe a series of operations whether its film or tv for the use of commercialism. Franchises are the back bone of Hollywood's operations since they can't keep going if they are done. Hollywood is totally desperate for franchises coming and going so they can make a shit load of money. And they spend that money to make more movies and to pay their actors in any list based on alphabetical order. If you're an A lister (technically there's no such thing, but i'm telling you) you get about $20 million a year. Currently the highest paid actors are the stars from Harry Potter raking bwtween $15 and $20 million.

I like that process that Hollywood is doing because it's been active for almost eons. But I don't like what Hollywood is changing. Back in the 20th century, Hollywood was making movies with such directors like Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorcese and the Coppolas. In Hollywood there was no such thing as a franchise until Star Trek, Star Wars and The Godfather came in. The Godfather is rather the greatest franchise of all time despite the fact that it is a trilogy. Now we have Twilight, Transformers, Harry Potter, Saw, Hostel and most recently the Fockers.

Currently, this is too much.

In the past, we often got movies that doesn't come up with more than two films. For instance you can't have a sequel to Blade Runner not only because it wasn't a box office success, but because it's based on a Phillip K. Dick novel that doesn't span more than two books just like the Harry Potter series or the LOTR trilogy.

Some of the well known franchises spanned by Hollywood back were Indiana Jones, Robocop (even though it shouldn't be made), Alien and The Terminator. All were good except for Robocop but we're in the 21st century and it's the year 2011 and we are getting sequels. Lots of sequels. The major animation studios Pixar and Dreamworks are releasing sequels to Cars and Kung Fu Panda, a sequel to The Hangover and Zombieland both to be sleeper hits two years ago, a prequel to X Men but this time it's the X-Men and to top off the year's end, Sherlock Holmes.

Is it just me or is Hollywood out of control?

The reason why I'm complaining is there is one too many. Sure there's that excuse that there are more sequels because it was based on a popular book that goes into another story, but it's just that Hollywood is so demanding these days as they are incredibly over-inspired by movies that are considered the greatest such as Gone With The Wind, The Godfather and Indiana Jones as they're like 'ok we can make more money out of this just like _______________ '.

Or maybe it has to do with studio executives having to meet the demands of their audience depending on that franchise. The most prominent target audience today is teenagers and they go to the movies to see the dumbest things or to become absolutely mindless in today's pop culture.

So here's my list of the mindless franchises teens still enjoy.

The Fast and The Furious

What is it: an orgy of cars that go full speed and this is basically a bunch of street racers racing against each other out of all odds in street lights whether day or night.

Teens enjoy it because: It's full of fast cars, hot starter girls and basically all action. Every film is the same plot but in another city. Also there's a lot of hip hop. Cars are made from the Asian car industry and this is a 13 year boy's wet dreams that is shown on the screen

Why I don't: it's just a pointless series of car races that is formulaic in each film. Also sends out a wrong message of street racing to car hoons. This is basically car porn at it's highest.

Saw and Hostel

What is it: Saw is where several people go to some crazy warehouse and is tortured into a round of games by a puppet named Jigsaw. Hostel is where people get tortured and get raped into dead meat.

Teens enjoy it because: They wanted to get scared to the extreme. Also they think torture is enjoyable

Why I don't: critics termed torture porn to these kinds of movies. Saw is released in Halloween every year and it always get ridiculous the more torture it use.

Step Up

What is it: franchise that's about breakdancing and about being a champion at that field

Teens enjoy it because: Teens these days are acting hip-hop and gangsta. Breakdancing is just there.

Why I don't: Dance films like this are so formulaic and generalised and then Step Up 3 is in 3D. A major excuse by dance movies to profit. It's the same as Fast and Furious but this time with dancers. Also a major excuse for Flo Rida to sell his songs.


What is it? Two alien robot races fight against each other at Earth

Teens enjoy it because: they're victims of Michael Bay who fools them with explosions, fighting robots and Megan Fox.

Why I don't: Michael Bay spends too much on special effects rather than story. The second Transformers became ridiculous with stupid humor such as a giant Decepticon with giant steel testicles. We would be fooled by the ridiculous amounts of comedy and effects by Bay than not to enjoy it.


What is it? Based on Stephanie Meyer's fantasy novels about a love triangle between two hotties and an unattractive emo: steroid abusing werewolf and an emo vamp.

Teens enjoy it because: Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson are both eye candy who constantly go pit bull against each other for that one girl

Why I don't: Do I have to explain? It's a perfectly logical explanation that can last up to twenty lines.

Scary Movie

What is it? A movie that has a thread of a plot from a horror movie, but most of it is based on pop culture.

Teens enjoy it because: The worst humor there is: slapstick comedy, pop culture references or just to be scared.

Why I enjoyed it: Because it's such a guilty pleasure. Not like those Frieberg-Seltzer movies.

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  1. interesting post,

    It probably won't surprise you, but here in France it is just the same if not worse, for the pop culture of teens isn't even their own here but imported (and often dubbed) from the US...

    I've learnt to accept the cultural deficiencies of my contemporaries, but sometimes I'm shocked at the fact that although they are French that know more about US films such as the ones you mentioned above than their own culture, which is a very important one in Cinema...