Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 is the year of the geek

For the past week I have been complaining of how society is becoming tasteless with music and movies. It's not just that. There's reality TV shows like Jersey Shore and please-don't-mention-them the Kardashians and the biggest fad of all time. The Auto Tune.

But not everything's bad about 2010. I watch my best share in movies and music and whoever's following my views here's what good about 2010. It's where the geeks rule. IF you want to rebel against society's taste, you're a geek, if you enjoy video games, science fiction, fantasy or comic books, you're a geek. Well being is a geek is all that good. First of all you get to enjoy your youth if you're a nerd in your late 40s and second of all it breaks out your inner geekiness. 

This is how 2010 had made geeks becoming gods.

First of all let's start off with movies. For the past 12 months, movies have evolve around 3D and absolutely the dumbest stuff we have seen on screen. They all have been successful which is why I've been complaining. Where Avatar had just killed the geeks, the geek culture may have come into revival.

My top ten movies involves four movies: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Kick-Ass, Inception and The Social Network. All of these movies have geeks and it's no shame.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World has a really geeky title, but it's full of true geek. Michael Cera is a geek himself playing the title geek falls in love with the girl of her dreams and must defeat seven evil exes in order to keep going out with her. The reason why Scott Pilgrim is so good is because they want to be a geek and chose to do it in a ridiculous and surreal manner. The characters geek, the music geek, and the visuals also belongs to geeks because it combines video games and comic book into screen life. Bursting a douche's head into coins had never felt so exciting

Kick Ass. Awesome title, but geeky. Where a geek dons a superhero with only two baton sticks as his weapons and has his ass kicked. Sure it has an 11 year old swaering and kiling. Sure if Nicolas Cage rips off Adam West. Sure it was a box office bomb since it never got our attention because it was blocked by Tea Party fanatics. But wahtever it is Kick Ass is a total geekfest and it is literally a geek itself when it is bullied by critics for all the sures above.

Inception. It's the year's favourite movie by a geek. There's one obvious trait about geeks. It is smart. And so is this movie which is a geek. Leonardo Dicaprio plays an extractor who thinks like a geek because he is obssessed with dreams. It is most talked about because it is confusing but a geek can quickly figure it out himself. It also has a huge fanbase

The Social Network (probably the best movie of the year) is a movie about a geek who makes the biggest social gathering on the Web called Facebook. Jess Eisenberg plays Mark Zuckerberg who is not only geek, but a genius, punk and billionaire. Zuckerberg has all the common traits of the geek. He rebels against the social world since he's socially inept, obsessed with computers and such. And he's the richest geek alive.

It's not just movies that count, it's also the music. Where our radio stations punk'd us with music that is unlistenable, the music that is the listenable is ones the geeks are listening to at the moment.

First of all, Vampire Weekend started off the year with their second album Contra a poppy, catchy, cheery record with a lot of African beats and songs about hipsters and geeks alike like Cousins or Holiday. Indie rock is the new rock where after Nirvana introduced alternative rock with Smell Like Teen Spirit, Vampire Weekend might introduce us about the angst of geeks everywhere about certain traits and other crazy stuff.

If you don't think so, try listening to Arcade Fire one of the biggest bands... literally. Well they're not that big but they have a huge fanbase and that The Surburbs, the band's latest record is both critically acclaimed and a commercial success to the mainstream. Arcade Fire may be this generation's Radiohead. The Suburbs may their OK Computer, where a lot of music geeks called it the greatest album of its time.
Look how big Arcade Fire had become. 
Another band with a similar fanbase is a big band called Muse. 
Muse had became the best bands there is in the new millenium. If you want to see a live gig from some random band, buy tickets for Muse because they are the greatest live band of the 21st Century. How is this associated with geeks and 2010. First off their all of their records (Showbiz, Origin Of Symmetry, Absolution, Black Holes And Revelations, The Resistance) is like Edgar Wright (the dude who made Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World). He mashes up genres. If you imagine them composing the score of Scott Pilgrim or Inception you will have classical music meets alternative metal and progressive rock meets RnB. So this has been the geek's music because their lyrics involve science fiction and crazy fantasies.
Muse may become the Heir for Biggest Band In The World which is currently held by U2 (they still support them in their big tours). Their live performances should be a must see for any fan or any music lover there is.

So there you have it. Geeks rule 2010. If you want to avoid the travesty of our society today, become a geek today

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