Monday, January 17, 2011

The Song that would've get nominated for an Oscar

I'm just curious. Of all the categories in the Academy Awards, there are two category that has to do something with music and movies together or combined. Best Original Song and Best Original Score. Last year where every critic condemned the fact that The Blind Side gets an nomination for Best Picture, I was wondering whether Linkin Park's song for Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen should get a nomination for Original Song.

Why do I ask. It's because that was the best song off a movie I've listened since Eminem's Lose Yourself which also won that Oscar. Here's why?

Linkin Park is a vibrant band despite heavy criticism of its lyrics which are considered emo or just weak. But after redeeming their fans and critics with their third album Minutes To Midnight, Linkin Park wrote a song for the sequel to Transformers called New Divide since their song What I've Done was served during the end credits of Transformers.

When the song was released, New Divide became Linkin Park's best known song having charted in many countries and was responsible for Transformers 2 having a lot of teenagers (boys and girls alike) brain damaged by being lured to that song.

This is the best thing about Transformers  even though the movie's actually terrible. The song was sort of inspired by industrial music and it has much of the nature of the movie. It impresses me also because i'm a huge Linkin Park fan and it quite makes up for the movie. And it's sort of compensation the movie owes me since I did not enjoyed it.

New Divide represents music that fits into science fiction that is so big for movies. It's moody, altruistic and also sophisticated. The song appeals to much of the mass audience and when at the first twenty seconds it increases the excitement for the movie.

It bothered me to think that a nominee from the Best Original Song would be from a musical or some Disney movie. Remember when there were songs from movies topping the charts that makes the movie popular. Remember Bruce Springsteen's Streets Of Philadelphia where it won Best Original Song at the same time when Tom Hanks won an Oscar for the same movie. They were great because they tell a story.

I'm just curious because New Divide is a song for a movie that may have not gained a good reputation for Transformers (given the critical reviews were uniformly poor), but it has gained back Linkin Park to the world. But all I want is one special song by a particular musician that is well known to be recognised by an organisation that hand out prestigious awards for movies and one that recognises a songwriter singing anthems from New Jersey (Springsteen) and a rapper recognised to be white and a songstress annoying the shit out of us about a boat mixed with some panflutes.

It's a pity that when you qualify a song to the Oscars, it's really difficult given the strict rules there are. If the lyrics have nothing to do with the movie, it's out of the race. New Divide has "I remember black skies, the lightning all around me" is some euphemism for robots invading the Earth. If it the song came from some other movie, it's not eligible. New Divide was written just after the first Transformers.

If it was nominated, the band would've performed at the ceremony, which means that the ratings for the awards would've been boosted.

This blog post is out of curiousity since the movie's theme song is really listenable and vibrant that the submission for the song was rejected by the Academy who is bias to any songs that came from any movie made by Disney or movies about music. New Divide had lived up to Linkin Park from its nu metal roots and into a new era for the band

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