Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back To The Future Review

10.0 (A+)

Warning... may contain spoilers!

It's been 25 years since Back To The Future's been a big spender for Generation X, but to many critics, time travelling wannabes and generation X itself, Back to The Future is a modern classic. It launches the career of Michael J Fox in movies, seen a new concept in time travel, had seen Steven Spielberg produced some blockbusters, recognised Robert Zemekis as one of the finest directors in the industry and making Christopher Lloyd's voice second most iconic behind Morgan Freeman.

In Back To The Future, Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) is your average high school slacker with a girlfriend in hand and a really stressful family. He meets up with a mad scientist named Doc (Christopher Lloyd) who would demonstrate time travel to him at midnight near Hill Valley Mall. But when terrorists from Libya murdered Doc after stealing plutonium from them (plutonium was the main source for time travel), Marty escapes from the terrorists and entered the year 1955 where he end up having a sexual encounter with his mom and tries to help his dad to defend himselves from bully Biff Tannen and to make both fall in love but he has to come back to 1985 without creating a hitch in the year.

Back To The Future is a modern classic and people would have fun with this movie because of the clever humour and interesting focus on time travel.

the soundtrack is awesome, the performances are really sublime. Michael J Fox had much fun in this movie out of the whole cast as well as Christopher Lloyd. Much of the time explored in the 50s was almost accurate in a way (there are milk bars around the town, the costumes almost matches what people worn.)

I honestly enjoyed this movie and almost reflect to the movie it's A Wonderful Life where it had the same deal about changing and turning back time.

The whole story is almost a whole climax because you have to know that in Back To The Future there are risks involved into suddenly changing characters. Like never get involved with your mother or don't get involved with the school bully. But every character change prosperously in the end while the main bad guys get their last laugh.

However you should get through all of the movies to really know how the whole trilogy end.

Back To The Future is not just science fiction material, it's a character study of a guy who like Amelie unintendedly try to keep time constant and his parent's relationship more stabilised. It's a comedy. It's almost screwball comedy if Fox had accidently screw up his parents' lives for the worse. It's almost everything that a fanboy would ultimately fantazise.

It's Ronald Reagan's favourite movie and where "there are no roads...", we're going back to the future where everything would be ruined by globalisation, idiotic music and culture and the total hypocrisy of our world where everything we wish we would have would be...

You know what. Never Mind.

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