Friday, November 26, 2010

Kanye West: The 21st Century Pariah

A lot of rappers had never made controversy these days, in their lifetimes. We see Eminem releasing Recovery which had him back to the very top people think they deserved. But we never seen Drake arrested in an average drug bust. But Lil Wayne and T.I. are both rappers who are currently serving their time in prison. Yet Wayne still makes a lot of money with his latest album 'I am Not a Human Being' whilst serving an eight-month sentence for illegal weapon possession... oh I found that he had served his time out. But T.I. is still in prison and unlike Wayne had never given us new material.

But these rappers never made a lot of fuss. Because the media doesn't care thankfully. And yet I never cared about any of their music. I liked Eminem but his old stuff was greater than his recent material which Eminem basically complain about everything in his life. His kids is overly alluded so was his ex-wife and these totally untrue stories about domestic violence ('Love The Way You Lie"). He's sounding like a whiny b#@ch.

 But what do people cared was Kanye West. His latest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy had just arrived in stores and believe it or not, it's possible that West's career would be certain for a revival... unless he'd say anything stupid.

The latest from West was that he broke his silence about Taylor Swift commenting on how he used that MTV Awards incident to boost his career (it is also rumored that Swift had used famous people she would date with to grab fame). He said that he never been defended by her in every interview she is in and said that he is incidently responsible for her own good. Chances would be very slim.

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This was one of the controversies he had caused this year. The last thing he did was to cancel a Today Show Interview because of what's mentioned above.

West now has PR issues. No matter what he says, the media would use his comments as an interpretation of his arrogant behaviour. But I still have faith on this guy because I feel sorry for him that he had to be treated by a totally biased media and society. To me he's like Mark Zuckerberg from The Social Network. He has similar qualities as him and most of all he's a stingy zeigeist where like him we are the narcissists of the public. (and about Taylor Swift, she gets too much attention. Sorry)

But an album that was getting rave reviews (some of the reviews considered this his best album yet) would likely to ressurect him back from the dead. Listening to West's latest material is like a form of art. West's album had turned hip hop into a portrait of ourselves.

It's interesting to say that nobody would allow West to have his opinion on anything in life. You can actually follow his opinions on Twitter which the site had made him so resilient. Opinions that Taylor Swift is not a great singer is almost uncalled for and even saying how good Kanye West is in the music universe is almost blasphemy.

West would have never made these comments if his mother never died. This was one of those myths about Kanye. Everything that turned him into a Sid Vicious was because of his mother Donna who died from cosmetic surgery implications. West would have honoured her mother if he had raised awareness about the dangers of plastic surgery.

The best thing about West and his controversies was that he got the balls to stand up and say how bewildered you are and how shocking it is. I mean no matter what he say about an issue whether it was about an American President, which music video was the best of all time, whether he should win an award, it's his own opinion. Believe it or not, I actually support his views. Beyonce would've won Best Female Video for Single Ladies because it was so clever while Swift's video of You Belong WIth Me is almost predictable as it is. Girl sees boy, boy get stuck with skank and girl and boy fall in love.

I actually thought that when Kanye said that George Bush doesn't care about black people during America's effort for Hurricane Katrina victims, he's reffering to Bush not working enough for Katrina not refering to Bush as a racist. But Kanye also refers to the majority of New Orleans is African American. So what's the big fuss. it's just an euphemism West had made to comment about Bush's worst moment in his presidency. Five years later, Bush had admit that it was the worst moment he'd experienced during his time.

I'm a huge fan of this guy. Every album he had recorded (College Dropout, Late Registration and even My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) are masterpieces. It shows and deliver really abstract emotion. But despite this, the albums are also considered to be the killers of hip hop. You got to be serious. You can still hear hip hop even though there are no baggy pants or iradical lyrics about the gangster lifestyle. Why do you think rapping is dead. But what makes rapping almost dead was the autotuning. Jay Z's song DOA (Death Of Autotune) try to spread the message across but never worked. However I don't think that hip hop is extinct. It's just like saying rock music is dead.

As for me, West's mistakes and personality had reflected on who I am. West's barraging on the stage and saying what he thinks is like how I think about the world's music today. His spirit shows that when you have caused a scene, it still makes you sane.

For whatever complaints there is about Kanye West, the good thing about him now is that he could have been the columnist of a music magazine if the pressure is too much for him. But West may have scored a comeback and learned his mistakes and try to move on. But the media couldn't give a damn about it and even if he tries to recover from being a social outcast, they still going to remind him about that incident because Taylor Swift is more popular than she was in her 'Fearless' years.

West should be known to make the proverb 'Ignorance is Bliss' greater. But he's more prone to making that quote into the portrait of ourselves

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  1. Nice and thoughtful blog. It is well written, and I am glad you like this guy. I will admit that I have little if any respect for Kanye or his music. He is an egomaniac who in my opinion is part of the problem not part of the solution.