Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting in Character: The Angry Nerd

The Social Network is probably my favourite movie of the year. However it is so hard which is better. That movie or Inception? How the movie about Facebook works is because its screenplay by Aaron Sorkin is so engaging, the direction of David Fincher is wonderful and that the performances were extraordinary especially Jesse Eisenberg who plays Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg is depicted as this white angry, self centred, deplorable, arrogant person who has a lot of money. He's the youngest billionaire in the world with a revenue of $6.9 billion. How did he does that when Facebook is free to sign up? Well it's beccause of a boost from advertising, large amounts of investments. And advertising can earn a lot.

But in Social Network, Zuckerberg is shown to be the genius here while all of his people around him does the work for him and Zuckerberg would not acknowledge the full cooperation behind Facebook especially with his best friend Eduardo Saverin who would later take him to court in order to gain his full shares since he made his own company along with former Napster CEO Sean Parker who would give Saverin no sympathy for him.

Zuckerberg before had shows no sympathy towards anyone who would not follow his ideas or orders. At the beginning of Network, Zuckerberg discusses Finals Club with his girlfriend Erica Albright and when she talks about Finals Club he makes a big deal out of it. When Erica then dump him, he wrote about how scathing his girlfriend in and then makes a website comparing women in Harvard based on their looks.

So we learn that the result of Facebook was on a girl. And the discussion of Harvard clubs are that Zuckerberg wanted or possibly desperate a spot of social acceptance. There was nothing that showed that Zuckerberg was bullied or let down at college that would make him want to massacre 30 people, but that he is a nerd. One that is put down by society because of their low social skills.

Here is a nerd that are not usually depicted like they wear dull clothes, or are totally strange and at the same time they obsessed with sex which creates really stupid levels of humour like Jim Belushi or Adam Sandler. But the nerd is depicted as a person who is still obsessed with the sciences (math, physics, computers) however they are dead serious and are so angry.

The theory of how these characters are the raging bulls, according to writer Aaron Sorkin is that they are furious if the 'pretty girl still goes out with the star athlete'. Imagine if you had liked a really pretty girl with no attention to her looks, then you would breakeven with her if she goes out with the jock and you would think the jocks are self indulgent and wouldn't treat you better.

Frankly I'm a movie expert and I would get pissed off if people told me off about my music and are horrible. Or if I focused on an actress like Scarlett Johansson rather than Megan Fox. Even i get pissed off if someone yells at me in a shopping centre. These were my experiences and I could possibly relate to Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg seems somehow to have Aspergers, where he is a genious but is not usually socialized. And when someone tells him bad that is a tiny thing, he turns it into a big deal. Well have you watched The Big Bang Theory? Remember the character Sheldon (pictured there) ? People, mostly psychiatrists believed he has Aspergers. HE can't communicate like every body else. Even his friends can't understand him. I've seen The Big Bang Theory and honestly I hated that TV show. Sheldon is shown to have no emotion, speaks for more than ten seconds and such. IF people don't follow what he wants, then he would distance himself like in many other episodes. For example if his friends won't eat Chinese on a Friday, then he will overreact. But the excuse for hating this show is because of that character which I find annoying. Also i don't get the humour of the show.

Sheldon and Zuckerberg are all prime examples of what the nerd is today. They have a huge amount of anxiety and seem to feel like a total creep. The don't understand how do people feel. Instead they would think about themselves.

So today nerds are filled with grunge-soaked angst because nobody likes them, but here's a good thing about them. They are controlling how we live. Look at Zuckerberg today, he made Facebook which is part of our everyday lives. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are making gadgets and computers that almost 96% of the world will have access to. These guys have reached where they have became influential of their works.

They are also unique like I am. Obviously it's my tastes in movies and life that makes me different. As a teenager, I talk words 16 year olds never speak like 'emphasized', I like different tastes of music like Radiohead and Arcade Fire. And yet people won't appreciate it and refuse to listen because of their prejudiced and biased impression.

But as Willy Wonka had quoted 'we are the music makers. And we are the dreamers of dreams', it's proof that whatever we are making of ourselves, we are certain to be the narcissists of our society

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