Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ever tried walking out of a movie? I almost did.

When I walked into the cinema to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the majority of the entire audience were kids as young as 6 and teenagers as old as 17. I'm 16 and was part of the majority and when I am at the theatre I really wanted to have a good time watching the movie just for pure escapism. We usually escape to the movies to get out of the exhausting routine of work and school. Or if it's just a reward.

But I felt that I had a bad time not because of the movie (if you haven't read my review, you wouldn't know what's going on) but because of the kids in the cinema. They were so noisy while there were two teenage girls in the front that had using their phones that were taking pictures and were talking loudly. These two girls and most of the audience had ruined it. Don't blame me for blaming them because they're "just kids". Other parents had also felt the same experience at the same cinema. The cinema I was in was left unsupervised because there were many kids who was unaccompanied by an adult and that the ushers checked them once. it was more unsupervised than a freakin' Justin Bieber concert... if you know what I mean. This was high school all over again.

It was a major point where I wanted to walk out of the movie where I've never done that when I'm watching movies. Well I was so disgusted by what was happening. Kids were unsettled and there were girls ruining it. This proves my point that teenagers not only don't go with orders at the movies, but that they do not respect any aspect of movies. I was then given a free pass because of what's been happening.

I never wanted to walk out of a movie, but if I've been to movies where I wanted to do the walk, I would.

Let me give you a little secret: I had walked out of The Last Song, a movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel starring Miley Cyrus. I was watching it with my sister because she's into that Disney stuff that Miley would belong to. I was so agitated and thought this movie was so terrible that I finally walked out when most of the audience (girls between 12 and 17) were saying how good this movie was. I just can't believe it when it was such bullshit. If I just stayed until the end, I would end up angry and each time a girl say how great was that movie, I would want to yell at them.

The the best part about walking out is that you can feel good when you don't want to watch a movie that would have been stupid. But the worst part about that is that you would have missed out a part that would have saved a movie from Dumbtown.

When walking out of movie would you give it a zero star rating or are you going to just rant about how a group from the audience like promiscious teenagers and Disney obsessed tweens are the terrorists of modern cinema. Because these kinds of moviegoers are more demanding and will hate you for watching a really good movie like The Social Network when they would think it was the most boring movie ever seen or debagging Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen when it was actually bad, but these goers will mentally kill you for saying that.

Unless you're a film critic, you are allowed to walk out of the movie whenever you want.

Here's the question. Have you ever walked out of a movie? If you did then why. The movie was bad. The audience was mucking around. Or was it some other reason. Discuss here.

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