Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oscar needs a host

OK. We are buzzing about which films we think should be nominated at the Oscars (especially the Best Picture award which is so coveted). Here's the list... actually I won't go to that because I'll never predict who's going to be nominated until we've experienced the other awards honouring film (Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, BAFTAs and the Independent Spirit Awards). But my question is...

Who's going to host the Oscars?

It came to me from the Oscar buzz of films released this month and the upcoming months. Add that to the fact that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are the hosts I'd never enjoyed watching (look at Baldwin. He look bored when Martin's makes jokes in their monologue). It was disappointing since last year's awards was the opposite. Hugh Jackman done a great job into hosting the Oscars and charmed us a lot with his monologue converted into a low budget musical. He should host the Oscars again.

To see the video, click here:

But as almost every film gets the buzz, with Inception, The Social Network and Toy Story 3 already released this year and should get nominated, here's a list of nominees I think that would do the job.

Russell Brand

The dude who's engaged to singer Katy Perry had hosted many award shows including tge MTV music awards twice in 2008 to 2009. He also hosted the NME awards, a music awards based on the choices of writers of the music magazine.

Pros: Russell Brand had hosted many shows before including reality TV shows in London. HE can make a lot of jokes about events including the war in Iraq and such. But the aim of Brand's antics is to shock you into hearing Brand's profanity towards Britain's conservative society

Cons: Since the Oscars is a formal ceremony, his looks doesn't make the pact. Plus his jokes would be vulgar towards the nominees (possibly towards Natalie Portman and such). And since he was kicked out from radio hosting for swearing about having sex with a veteran's granddaughter, Hollywood doesn't get his taste.

Possibility: 2

Jon Stewart

He's the guy who put politics into his jokes, and events into his mouth just before he gets on air.

Pros: You think Jon Stewart would be the best satirist in recent years, he would almost impress the Academy... again, if they can't find a host. But Jon Stewart impresses in Hollywood and like many celebrities bring in the politics into that area. Problem is that the majority are all liberals. But still, that's what great about Hollywood.

Cons: He hosted the Oscars twice in 2006 and 2008 and if any things come to mind about these Oscars, it's that it is one of the lowest Oscars based on TV ratings... if that's the case it's possibly because of his jokes about political events happening for the past 12 months that doesn't engage the audience full of film buffs. If he was hosting next year's OScars, he'll talk about Obama and then the BP oil spill. But to what extent? They belong in your TV but not the Oscars.

Possibility: 8

Sarah Silverman

She's the archetype of the latest version of the Jewish Princess.

Pros: These days, many comedians are politically active and Sarah Silverman is a fine example of that. She's a satirist and whenever she causes controversy she can get away with it. If Silverman was chosen, then we would have a female host.

Cons: Well if you're bringing in pointless political jokes, and yet never know anything about film, then you'll be thinking why did i waste my four hours for this

Possibility: 7

Michael Cera

One talent coming out of Hollywood and he may look shy and boring, but still he's an intelligent kid and I like him for that

Pros: He is considered by as the next Woody Allen (he won't direct and ask petite girls to be in his films if he did, but he make jokes that are really smart) and I seen all of his movies (Superbad, Juno, Scott Pilgrim vs the World) all of them really fun to watch and consider that Cera is a character actor, he's slightly developing to a man. Plus, he might think he can get on with the ladies.

Cons: Not all of his movies were good. Any movie beginning with Y including Year one and Youth In Revolt are really dull and he can sometimes be wimpy. IF you ever try to hear him presenting, then beware. His voice may come quick and irritating to hear if he doesn't get his monologue right. Hmm... awkward

Rating: 6

Now I have run out of who's who, tell me. Who do you think should host the Oscars? And does any of my favourites fit? Plz comment!


  1. Hey, it's Nick L. from RT. Nice blog. But to be honest, I don't think Michael Cera would be a very good host... What do you think about Bill Maher? Would he have a chance? I know he once presented an award.

  2. Well I never heard of him. But I think people I would've mentioned would be Hugh Jackman, Ben Stiller or Will Ferrell