Monday, October 25, 2010

4 ways to get ready for a movie you're waiting to see, so you think it would be good!

It's hard to wait, but for me, The Social Network is almost a few days waiting to be released in Australia. Unfortunately it is so hard to wait, that I kept talking about the movie asking everybody "did you know there's a movie about Facebook?'. This is the same thing it happened when I talked about Inception. I get pissed off by students who said it was bad since they were too dumb to think how awesome is that movie. But another movie I'm excited to watch is actually Black Swan which I think is a true awards winner. So here are the five steps of anticipating a movie without being hated for watching that movie and not to disappoint yourself once you have seen it.

1. A movie that would interest you would start off with a trailer. The trailer is a bunch of clips that tells bits of the story so you would think it looks good. If you seen the trailer, it looks interesting, you would wished to have watched that movie. But if you watch it all over again, once you've seen the movie from that trailer, you would feel dissastified because you have spoiled the movie yourself after watching the trailer several times and you have memorised the whole story. So try to avoid trailers of movie you would want to see or if you want watch it but only once.

Here's a trailer for Tron: Legacy but only watch it this once. Don't replay.

2. Unless you're really popular, never discuss any details of the movie you have to see because people will not listen to you or they don't have time to go to the movies. So don't go on telling others not to see a movie that is stupid because it only look stupid to you. People have their own minds on what they want to see and waht not to see. Some people would want to see Jackass 3D when they don't want to see The Social Network because people would feel bored about the movie. Like how teenagers avoid watching movies with a foreign language like Amelie to watch mindless entertainment like Transformers

Try watching the trailer for Jackass 3D. Would you want to see it? It's mindless entertainment but it's worth the fun

3. Never read the reviews of movies you wanted to see especially reviews that may contain spoilers. Let them have their own opinion, and even though the critic would agree with your opinion after you've seen the movie, your opinion into movies are different and we apply greater levels of knowledge that this movie is good without the help of critics.

4. After you've watch the movie, never ever speak about it again unless it had received Oscar buzz, strong mouth to mouth, or it's released on DVD.

Oh, and this is one thing I should tell you. Before you watch the movie you would want to see, always have low expectations of this movie and don't go anything to plan with what you've wanted to see in the movie because film is supposed to be art in a way that we would want to understand. Because before it was released, The Social Network was considered by the public to never work out because it was about Facebook, a thing we are using now a days. Then a suprise comes up and people are calling it the movie that define a generation and the movie of the year. Ask yourself why would I watch this movie and don't come out to say how awesome is this movie because once you say it, you now want to see it again, you feel so tired watching the film multiple times.

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  1. Great blog, but... I haven't been following these guidelines for any movie I've seen recently. I went to go see The Social Network thinking it would be the best movie of the decade. My expectations weren't exactly met, but I still thought that it was pretty damn amazing. And no matter what, I always talk about movies with people. I tell them what to see and what not to see. It's just who I am. (It's Nick L., by the way).