Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tolerance and Troubles

You know... while I was writing my blog about how I was being dissed by the whole school for watching Inception and while the movie The Social Network is getting a lot of buzz, I have to admit...

In memoriam to Tyler. We should respect him for his well being and to who he is

I didn't know about the death of Tyler Clementi, an 18 year old undergraduate from New Jersey until now. It was on the news and when I heard the whole story I was so shocked. He committed suicide when his roommate posted a video of him having a sexual encounter with another man. The video streamed on the Internet and after wards he jumped off a nearby bridge. This then follows with three suicides of schoolboys around 13 to 15 because of their possible homosexuality.

Now not only was I shocked, but was disgusted by the fact that this method of bullying was done by cyber bullying and the cause of this was homophobia. It's stupid to make fun of people and putting them down because of their race, religion and especially their sexuality. Seriously, I can't believe that stance against gays would become so painful and destructive.

It seems that there are many ways to bully. And one of the most powerful method is to cyber bully. Currently, there are more than a billion people using the internet and having greater access. Unfortunately, the greater the access, the greater the chance to be bullied.

When you put in gossip about the victim's character, you'll know you risk harm towards your victim and to  yourself . Either way the consequences are almost harmful. Victims will be let down and will end their life at any chance.

We have two lives in our existence. Our human lives and our life on the Net. Did you know that once you do something on your internet life, you'll risk doing something horrible towards your life in reality. If you put up a picture when you're sexually active, you get to be emotionally put down by a pulp and almost close to the edge of ending your real life.

The perpetrator of Clementi's death was his roommate and without going into any detail, he put up these streaming videos in the Net because he was intolerant to the fact that Clementi was gay. He should not only be charged with the invasion of privacy, but also murder.

Shouldn't homophobia be a crime as well? More of a hate crime. I mean what is it with America and its behaviour towards gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender. Two years ago, they passed a legislation in California to adopt gay marriage. But then a group of religious and conservative people brought that down with Proposition 8. What is it with America. They have an African American President. Why can't people with opposing views against gays be tolerant towards them? These people never harm Jesus or any religious figure. We should encourage equality to every level of character each person has. Whether it's your race, your sexuality or your religion, every character should be respected by others.

I have a friend who is an open lesbian. I respect her sexuality and everybody else has. We shouldn't have signs that can tell that a person is gay. Whether one person of a certain gender does the opposite of his gender, it simply prejudice.

Now in here, we are thinking about how everybody surrounds you are intolerant towards others. The reason why everybody called my favourite things are gay is because they won't tolerate me and wants me to do the same as everybody else. The worst thing about it is that it makes me react by hurting people and turning myself into something I'm not. My school tormented me for watching Inception because they think it was stupid with no proof and to make me miserable.

Why can't we tolerate people of who they are. You're not the Man, you're not someone who tells you what to do because they like you. Why do you put down people because of the music they like. It's not hurting you. My favourite bands never hurt anybody or anyone else. Even my movies. It doesn't harm you. I'm afraid that people who never tolerates anything towards character... they're just scared. They are cowards who never cares about anything, but to themselves

So in conclusion, I want you to think about how who you are would benefit to everyone. If we had ended segregation, encourage multiculturalism and let everybody from another place enter your place, think about equality.

And if you don't agree with me, anyone who is religious, think about Jesus because he tolerates everyone around before he died for us for the cross. Intolerance should be made as a sin.

Here's to you, Tyler.

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