Sunday, March 6, 2011

Transformers: ROTF? This is rolling on the floor

D+ (1.8)

Before I get into the review, here's some interesting trivia about this film. When Transformers 2 was initially released, another movie released on the same week was The Hurt Locker. No kidding because both movies were completely different. One of them is bad, the other good. one won Worst Picture, but the other won Best Picture. And most importantly. One of them was a made by Hollywood, the other small yet independently produced.

Revenge Of The Fallen is taken from the third Star Wars movie Revenge Of The Sith. How would George Lucas react when he saw the movie and knew that the title was ripped off from everyone's 3rd favourite Stars Wars flick?

The first  Transformers was a pretty cheesy ride. I have to admit. I enjoyed the first movie. But what's most criticising about that movie is remember in the climax, it is kinda ridiculous that your home entertainment (an Xbox and your blender) would turn into a Deceptacon. I pretty much hated Shia's parents because they were as annoying as hell, but overall it is enjoyable however this repeats itself in the sequel. More ridiculous than ever

When I mentioned ROTF so much in my culture blog, I was merely confused on whether it was so bad the first time I have seen it. So I check it out again the second time. And the truth is... it was.

ROTF has little plot at all and given that the running time is 150 minutes, it's pretty hard to comprehend. But here's an outline: Sam Wickwicky (Shia Labeouf) goes straight to college where a second later the Autobots got him involved when they're still at war with the Decepticons. However they tell him that the Decepticons are bringing them with the Fallen which really hates humans. So basically they want to protect the human race.

The first act begins very silly with scenes of two dogs having sex together and I ask "Why?". Sam enters College and when there's a sorority girl that turns into a Terminator I ask the same question. The second act? Really stupid when you bring along Sam's dormmate and Agent Simmons in. That's where the human characters are reduced to secondary. By the end I was beginning to feel so angry because this movie was f**ked up and still audiences liked it. Those people were very young and this movie is kinda like junk food. You consume it it'll rot your brain.

This movie is a mess. The one thing director Michael Bay cares about are the robots. And it doesn't add anything for this movie. Apparently if you want to get closer with the action you can't. The scenes are badly edited, the cinematography is so terrible, probably one of the worst cinematography I've ever witness in a film and there are some confusions with the robots. Most of the Autobots are coloured, while the Deceptacons are grey. And when the Deceptcons are coloured for one moment I thought they were Autobots. Seriously I cannot tell which Deceptacon is Megatron and which is StarScream. However the biggest bullshit the robots faced is how they're treated. Obviously there is Mudflaps and Wheelie who speak in a rheotic African American dialect with a hip hop persona, but there were several decepticons that speak with a Sicilian accent. They're made to fart, one of them has two wrecking balls as their.... balls and a gremlin robot who is a perv.

This movie gets close into ripping off every movie you seen. This is one of the major problems with every one of Bay's movies. It rips off from Star Wars, The Matrix, 2001: A Space Oddysey to any sci-fi you loved.

Shia is made to scream his lines while Megan Fox.... I got to stop to give you some facts about Michael Bay and women. Bay should be well known for casting every hot actress there is (all of them posed for Esquire) in his films including Kate Beckinsale for Pearl Harbor, Scarlett Johansson for The Island and for the next Transformers (i.e. Dark Of The Moon) Rosie Huntington Whiteley who is a Victoria's Secret Angel. Bay doesn't do anything with his female characters leaving them to go around everywhere on the set. This is the same thing happening to Fox. No wonder she was replaced.

The parents are annoying as ever, Isabel Lucas completely has one facial expression and this had me literally going blind.

This movie marks the beginning of an era where the average moviegoer or the mass audience go to the movies where they've completely lost their minds on film. They completely forgotten science fiction movies before this were so great: The Matrix, Blade Runner, Close Encounter, Star Wars. Instead they are going to see this, Twilight, any movie that is completely mindless and is high on junk. Michael Bay started a phenomenon of Megan Fox, simultaneously he ruined the entire imagination of our pop culture. The younger audience would choose the dumbest over the smartest.

I won't say that this movie is bad to anyone who would have a conversation with me. It's just overrated.

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