Sunday, March 27, 2011


I've been thinking about the stuff that is annoying me right now. If you think Charlie Sheen or any celebrity, it will not be in this list. It will be on what happens at school, at the shopping centre, at home or on the web that I spend in my majority of everyday.

10.  kids walks up to you at the canteen when you've bought your food and ask for change.

Do I actually look like a person who just bought something at the store and then gives out change to a hobo because he's sleeping on the sidewalk. NO. Don't give me the intention to snap at you if you ask that question above. You're like NIGERIAN SCAMMERS.

9. Every kid at school or elsewhere loves a certain tv show like Jersey Shore, a song from Ke$ha or a certain type of culture only because it is based on partying.

There's one thing you should know about me. I DON'T PARTY EVER. I was never invited and I don't really give a shit. But the majority of people I know loves to party hard and like the most ridiculous things to appear on tv or on the radio because it does that. There's nothing redeeming about partying apart from having a great time.

8. Flame wars

I usually look at websites that have an interesting article because I want to know what are people's opinions. Their opinions are heard on the comment section and there is one thing that bother me. Flame wars which means to argue online by replying to the comment. What bothers me about it is that it takes days or hours to read over the comments and flaming just wastes my time. I want the decent comments not those stupid ones where they tease the commenter about her size. That is so irrevelent to the story

7. Every Friday kids at school sing that song.

Everyone had said that Friday by Rebecca Black is a terrible song. And so has I. So why do you keep on saying that when every Friday of the week you sing that goddamn song? Cos I don't understand the irony of that habit and if that routine happens every week I rather have my iPod confiscated because I will listen to it.

6. Teachers playing nice

OK I'm entering class right now and I'm so excited because I'm gonna ask my English teacher (just giving you an example) of what music does he listen and... wait. Had I learnt something in class. That's what happen in one of my classes every year. I really like a nice teacher as long as you teach us something that is useful in the HSC. I am more likely to fail a subject if I was taught by a teacher that are so deep.

5. When people say that a certain band or music is gay when they've never heard of it.

Last month, Arcade Fire, a Canadian indie rock band, won the Grammy for Album Of The Year over Eminem's Recovery. Everybody panics as they do not know who are they so they craft a Tumblr spreading the hate of this incredible band. Here's a simple advice to the creator: google. This is a major problem with people these days and music. They don't expand their tastes further and only hear music from the most popular forms of radio. To be perfectly honest, I don't think Eminem is great now when he was in his Marshall Mathers years. Last year I have to face up with an Asian kid at my old school who keeps on saying that Muse and my favourite things are stupid since he never heard their music. To that person. It's prejudice and it's like saying an Iraqi is a terrorist. And at the same time you're joining the bandwagon.

(Tie) 3. Fanboys and teen cultural phenomenons' beliefs and aims

Today you have your Twihards, your Gleeks, your Bieliebers and your Trekkies. I am irritated by these people because often they exaggerate of who they likeby screaming out "IT'S THE BEST" and coming back when we do not like what they like with "OH, YOU"RE JUST JEALOUS BECAUSE...". That latter is becoming a cliche since we are never envious of them if it had a hot guy or girl in it. Bielibers are so stupid they manage to ruin Justin Bieber's gigs because they cannot control themselves. Twihards show that a free vote for all in our country is not a good idea and Gleeks should know better about the songs being covered in that show. So fanboys irritate me because they take their interests way too seriously and it really hurts our society and turn them dumb. Not to mention the numerous amount of death threats you pose against a person associated with these guys.

On the same note, you know what Twilight, Glee and every teenage sensation has in common. They both have pro-Christian values. Twilight promotes abstinence, Justin Bieber and Jonas Brothers both believe in pre marital sex while Glee promotes sex and how they DO NOT sell. I'm not joining any sides here, but for their fans that worship these people, they will feed off shallow beliefs from what these people are telling you or singing whatever the hell it is. So if their passionate fanbase are listening to the messages each teen sensation send in their songs, it will be something stupid and they just go with it. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT GODS!

2. People ask me if I sing or dance.

Here's the truth: I actually shuffle and can sing a falsetto. But I'm trying to keep a low profile at the new school and I don't want to be so big because of what I do. IF you ask me to sing or dance or if you spread the word of what I do, then I will politely say no because I don't want to snap and you know what happen when I snap.

1. Cliques or popular kids (if there is one)

Cliques are happening in every American high school. We're talking jocks, cool kids, rich kids, geeks and goths. It wouldn't exist here in every school of this country, but had it does then I would be stuck and my life will be a time-bomb. However for Westfields, I honestly do not like being with the most popular kids because despite the fact that they have 1000 friends on Facebook, they are self-centred, arrogant, filthy slobs and the problem is you can't resist the seduction of their random conversations and what stuff do they possess of that you really want to own. If I would join a clique, it will be the Darias where I don't really give a shit about everything with a friend next to you and is a misanthrope (a person who is withdrawn in the human world) in this school. And I will keep 

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