Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The King Of Limbs, and DVD releases

For two years, I have been a massive Radiohead fan. Let me give you a brief history of this band if you don't know. Radiohead consists of five members Thom Yorke, Jonny and Colin Greenwood, Phillip Selway and Ed O Brien and they released three albums in the 90s: Pablo Honey, The Bends and OK Computer. When they released their it single 'Creep', the band was unsatisfied and released The Bends. An album with heavy emotion, it was a turning point... had it failed. But's that what they wanted anyway and so when they release OK Computer, it was their magnus opus with political concepts and paranoia crafed into the material. But Radiohead was known for their massive surprise as last decade show that a band can completely change their music for the better. Kid A and Amnesiac was suprising at best with the band practicing the most experimental of their work. Hail To The Thief had a few songs that pulled me in, but it wasn't greater than their other work. But it came with Radiohead's last album In Rainbows where like many of their albums, they didn't bore me and was the usual multi-layered piece they record.

Their new album The King Of Limbs isn't like In Rainbows as it is their shortest record to date with under 40 minutes long. This make me wanting more. It starts off with Bloom where it starts with an arpeggio and then it goes repetitive with Morning Mr. Magpie and Little By Little. By the time it reached to Lotus Flower the only single of the CD it manages to pick itself up but the song is talking about itself and the album as I believed. Codex and Seperator were my favourite songs of the record. Codex calms itself down to bring in a beautiful number of piano chords I've heard from them since Pyramid Song while Seperator which is somehow similar to The Beatles' Sgt. Peppers was a wake up call and brings something further of the band.

This isn't Radiohead best album as with OK Computer, The Bends and In Rainbows but at least it was multi-layered and more pleasing for a Radiohead fan myself. So the first half as I said repetitive but picks itself in the other half. If you liked Radiohead and two of their material then you will like this. If not, at the end of the day you might be thinking it's a concept album about trees (which is funny, given how the origin of the title is from the tree the band used to hang out)  

DVD Releases

I remember back in 2007 where I look up a poster where they state DVD releases and remembering when they were out in the cinema. I checked up for No Country for Old Men where it was released on DVD at April or May 2008 where way back it was in December 2007. So usually it takes 4 months for a movie to get a DVD status in Australia while it takes three months for it in North America.

Now I'm questioning how come the length of time for the movie to be released on DVD is now longer than 3 months. Call me impatient and unreasonably complaining, but I feel like the movie industry cannot care less about the movie to be released on that technology simply because of Blu Ray and how increasingly popular it becomes with the better quality of sound and picture. So maybe they're concerned about the process of the movie to be put in Blu Ray.

For instance I've been waiting for Inception to be out on DVD and it was released in July. I was so impatient that I thought it would be released on November, instead it was out a month after. You do the math and estimate how long it would take. It wasn't the same for Scott Pilgrim though because it was out in August and then got on our shelves at the same month.

Apparently The Town and The Social Network had just got into DVD and Blu Ray this month. For The Town and The Social Network both were released December and January respectively. But how come both movies (both were released in October in Oz) are taken to DVD in March? IT takes three months to make it in America but in Australia we need to do something about it. Now I'm expecting to get Black Swan in May or June and it feels like you're waiting for a good Christmas movie to come out at any time until November. It's a shame.

So why are DVD releases so long to put into place? I don't know but you can answer that question

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