Saturday, March 12, 2011

Charlie Sheen Vs. The World

Over the past three weeks the world had been reading and watching the news of Charlie Sheen's manic behaviour. His dictonomous lifestyle had been circulating rumors that he would be voluntarily leaving the you-should-come-to-the-priest-once-you-seen-it show Two And A Half Men. The rumours were as close as it is. Instead, about half a week later, Warner Bros. decided to axe the show because of his behaviour.

Later, Sheen has his back hatchet running still. Simultaneously at the day where Natalie Portman won her Oscar and the Oscar hosts had backfired (there was a Sheen joke during the telecast), he starts up rants about the Two And A Half Men creator (also the maker of Big Bang Theory) Chuck Lorre calling him an 'earthworm', appeared in 60 Minutes-styled interviews, and just after that started his Twitter which he instantly gained more 2 million followers in the process in which he broke the world record for gaining more followers in the fastest time. At the same time as he got his Twitter and started a slap fight with American film critic Roger Ebert, the dude turned bizzarre as his ramblings turned into a philosophy. He managed to have his vocabulary more prominent with terms like "tiger blood" and "winning" (a literal term) into our cultural bibles. But this is where we get more annoyed by him. He starts off his own webcast along with a bunch of posers he claim to be his mates. Nobody watched that podcast because, repeat, we get more annoyed by him.

Charlie Sheen thinks he's above the world where his notorious lifestyle doesn't make him the only one gaining it. He's the Hollywood version of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who is currently charged of underage sex with a minor. Both are "public figures" who have a lot in common where their I-don't-care playboy lifestyle becomes more prominent by the minute. Berlusconi however doesn't do lines of coke nor drink 3 bottles every 24 hours. But he does bring in girls at their early 20s to social parties and into politics. And like Sheen brings out his own philosophical quotes

Throughout the week, I had used the words 'attention seeking whore' twice during the week and I may say it again to people who gets into our head for all the pointless reasons. Once for describing a teen sensation over his malignant political views and quoting 'rape happens for a reason' and given he's everywhere. now I can describe Sheen with those three words. He's a crude and hedonistic misogynist and the more he's exposed to the media, the more he's easily off the hook.

Sheen used to have some potential when he was 20th Century Charlie Sheen where he's the son and brother of veteran actors Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. He was appearing in movies like platoon or Wall Street with Michael Douglas. So far he had snorts 8148 lines of cocaine each month, earns less that a million dollars for each episode in Two And A Half Men, and slept with 5000 women. And so far if his father or the member of the Brat Pack is watching, they would have hanged their heads in shame.

In reference to the title, Charlie battle against the world watching him. Like Scott Pilgrim, he would have to face seven evil exes in his life, but when first heard of it, he would skim it. The dude would feel great as tiger blood would keep him winning. Kanye West had once said:
"Champaigne wishes, thirty white bitches, man that shit is fucking ridiculous"
IF Sheen was to be Oscar Wilde, then he will learn that he was wasted on the young.

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