Thursday, November 15, 2012

An Apology to the Nostalgia Chick...

Yep you heard it. This is going a personal post in which I actually experience something hard-hitting and I blamed it on myself. In fact I would for good reason. To say that I said worst things about people and their place in this world would be an understatement. Recently, I wrote a post about director Zack Snyder and how I think he is the worst director currently working. I still stand by that fact, but if I would ever meet him as a person, my thoughts would work differently. Today I'm going to write an apology to Lindsay Ellis, aka. The Nostalgia Chick...
For those of you who don't know her, then you should check her out. The Nostalgia Chick was part of where she became the female counterpart of Doug Walker's Nostalgia Critic. Her reviewing style, whether it'd be nostalgic stuff or movies and TV shows aimed at young girls, is usually analytical often sardonic, often bringing a perspective close to its context and critical theory. This usually involves feminism in the way women are presented,

I wrote a post on TGWTGSecrets, a Tumblr about the website and users can submit their personal secrets on reviewers such as her, NC, Linkara, Obscurus Lupa, Cinema Snob, etc. . So far I've written two secrets, but one was aimed at Ellis. If you are reading this and you are thinking about searching TGWTGSecrets and its archive finding that post, then I suggest you don't. It's really bad. In that post, I wrote how her videos made me angry and that included those on Charlie's Angels and Reality Bites. I was frustrated in how Ellis commented that 'feminism is dead' because of the release of Charlie's Angels in which Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz presents themselves as action heroes wearing scantily clad uniforms. Worst of all, she wore a niqab (mind you, it's not a burqa) in the review in how woman are oppressed and which she is using to keep her physical appearance on hand. Reality Bites was another video I was opposed of. I felt frustrated because in that review, she wrote a figurative letter to 1994, the year in which I was born, in which I assume. Don't forget, I had been missing out the point of her review*, but 1994 meant a lot to me even though not a lot of great things had happened that year, but I was a happy child in that case.

And then I called her 'a senile old woman' and how Doug sets her up. I even got Todd in The Shadows, one of the reviewers on TGWTG, involved by blaming him for being so bitter and angrier. How I wrote that secret was how the fictitious Mark Zuckerberg would later call his ex-girlfriend a bitch in The Social Network except that I didn't go full-out by building a revenge website. Instead I walked away and I found out that it was posted today or maybe the day before, receiving comments on that post on how it was misogynist, dumb and vile.

Keep in mind that it wasn't the first time this year that I wrote nasty stuff about a person's opinion online. I once wrote on someone's Facebook wall about he only didn't like The Avengers because he was a high-brow snob and how he was indecent to notable people who recently died.

So I just wanted to apologize to Lindsay, and also apologize to Todd if I had him involved with my comment. If you are reading this, Lindsay and I hope that you are that I regret any bitter and harsh words about how you review films that are considered 'nostalgic'. You still have a great voice on the internet even though I would not stand how bitter you can be when you try to express a rant. So anyway, I apologize for everything I said about you and I hope you can forgive me.

*UPDATE: I have just watched the film and what I can say it is one of the most dishonest, whiny and disjointed films I have ever seen. Generation-defining my ass, this makes me want to hate more on people who grew up on the 90s rather than the current years I have to grow up with. I realize Lindsay had been right and should get along with her views

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  1. Most people who grew up in the 90s who express nostalgia are more bitter, because it was a happier time for those who grew up with it, but then I realize it had it's problems as much as this decade had. I wouldn't generalize all 90s kids as being nostalgic as to ignore the decade's flaws. I admit, I grew up in the 90s, all of it, but I can pine over it as much as I'd like, but to show arrogance to a generation, well, I've seen worse. Trust me, there are people in my generation who do the same thing, berate the next one for being the millenials. I see your perspective of people not wanting to move on, but you can't generalize all of us 90s kids to be that ignorant.