Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two and A Half Men Rant

Two and A Half Men has been a show that had been a rating bonanza for the CBS and all around the world. It's okay for you to enjoy the show as long as you think it is funny, but for me, I admit that I did watch the show for all of its eight seasons. And that confession is like one for not commiting yourself in a relationship. Or worst maybe it's when you're unable to witness charges of sex crimes.
But it's not Charlie Sheen's fault for appearing in this half-asssed show. I just think that he creator Chuck Lorre is a shitty figure working for the entertainment industry today. Not only is he the creator of TAAHM but he's the creator of The Big Bang Theory, a show that I will never understand its appeal when it's so immensely popular featuring a one note geek where he rob Steve Carell from The Office twice of the Best Actor in a Comedy Emmy in where last season was the last season of his. I don't want to go into huge depth into why I hate Chuck Lorre so much who has the two most popular sitcoms in TV at the moment when there are other shows that are hilarious and are of common sense such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Community and Parks and Recreation (and I'm pretty sure that because of their huge fanbase Community will get its ratings it deserve)

If I had something against Chuck Lorre and his usual stuff he would add to his show, it's that the rest of each show like Big Bang and Mike and Molly are all just one note jokes that neither adds to anything into the context or plot of the show. Whether it's jokes that suit superficial stereotypes of nerds or simply fat jokes. In one side you have Big Bang Theory which is all about geeks being written by a 8 year old that commands Sheldon to speak for ten seconds and the laugh track proceeds, and Community which was about a study group featuring clever takes and spoofs of pop culture and can only attract an audience that can easily define the word 'meta' and which should have got all the critical attention it deserved from Big Bang.

Following Charlie Sheen's recent and probably irritating behaviour, I turned my back against the show for absolutely good reason. This show is filled with the most misogynistic, toilet-fueled content you will ever see on a sitcom. Almost every episode does not apply to a story at all and since there is no story, there's basically no character development. Almost every character is unlikeble in a way including Alan, the brother of Charlie Sheen who we should feel pity, cannot be this made annoying and so is his son Jake. This show from its first seasons should have been something that is truly realistic to Jake about the divorce his parents, but no he has to slack off and break wind. There is no redeeming aspect about that show yet for some reason this remains America's popular show that aims at kids.

This episode, Nice to Meet You Walden Schmidt has got to be the most intelligence-insulting episode I've ever watched on TV. It is not only a finger up to Charlie Sheen but to the fans in particular who had been enjoying the show since 2003 when it premiered. I would be so offended that Lorre did not care about the fanbase with a show that jumped the shark, with something passionless and retarded as this.

So Season 9 starts with possibly the most appalling funeral I've ever seen for Charlie. And I've seen Scary Movie 3's. The reason why it's appalling is because it's where the attendants mostly girls who had slept with Charlie just spats insults towards him. Now I don't tolerate Sheen that much and as much as he is a pain, this is sad about the episode because if this was in real life it would be huge disrespect towards the dead person and it is absolutely worst because in two other episodes a funeral was a focus. It's not Death In A Funeral where the funeral just goes wrong and the jokes stick with the plotlines. Instead you're leaving one, cold (not in temperature). And I should tell that this episode is basically a stab in the chest to Sheen cos most of the dialogue is an attack towards him for obvious reasons.

Back to the article, after the funeral everybody go back to their usual routine being assholes as they were throughout the whole series and Charlie and Alan's mom Evelyn put his property in an unsuccessful open house until a really bored and disoriented Ashton Kutcher comes in and the crowd goes wild. All we know about Kutcher's character is he's Walden Schmidt who makes his billion dollar fortune on a website, he'd gone bankrupt, lost his girlfriend and attempted suicide in front of Charlie's house. I would give credit to TAAHM for what the audience like and even when it is bad is that they enjoy Charlie. Kutcher is no Charlie and he seems lost and there are times when he not only take off his shirt in order to create a distraction, but also his pants.... TWICE!

So when a woman sees Kutcher for the first time, they're turned on so much that it just go back. An interesting thing is that the episode felt horrbly normal but they really don't know when they go back to that state. The only redeeming factor that I think this episode holds is Melanie Lynskey who I think is a good actress and the only likeable character of the show until she was taken off in one of the seventh season. During the funeral of Charlie, she's the only person who can not hold a grudge there.

So there you have it. The series return of TAAHM shows of Lorre grabbing money off by letting you stare at the TV screen with your eyes watching this or Big Bang. To us Chuck Lorre would own the McDonalds of TV. It's junk food and anyone can indulge it once it rotted their brains. The season premiere is a plotless episode that we learnt nothing out of and a lot of the aspects have totally lost my trust on audiences who have no motivation into watching TV at all. They've become lazy and just become a zombie from a promo shown in CBS or any broadcast network. Most of the characters won't leave for this "reboot" only because the laugh track is exactly timed to their lines.

Unless everyone isn't watching, there's a reason why this show still exist and it shows what Charlie's missing out. This made me feel sorry for him even if he's a total douche because.... actually I don't feel sorry for Sheen because he never feel responsible for his actions resulting in haywire for Lorre. If he'd been losing, it wouldn't have been a big deal. But given how Sheen is the highest paid actor on TV a few years back with $3 million an episode, it was and still is. I hate this episode so much it made me dislike the show even more and the reasons why people still even watch it more. Happily I hope that the content wouldn't tell teenagers to become jerks

Here's a toast to the decline of Western Civilisation people. And bravo to Lorre for doing so.

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