Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blade Runner (The Director's Cut)


When I seen Inception, I was thinking about other great movies that would challenge me and my mind. So I was thinking movies like 2001: A Space Oddysey, Memento, The Matrix and Donnie Darko. The two of the latter are very good and became my favourite. But this movie had taken my mind in hand, had a lot of intepretations and ideas that were actually thoughtful into the future and it was an absolute classic. And that was Blade Runner.
Blade Runner is considered one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time, featured Harrison Ford who worked with George Lucas in many great blockbusters such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Now he appears in a cult classic that was released in many versions and it is as great as it get.

It starts off with a prologue where in 2019,  Los Angeles (I'm not quite sure if it's actually Los Angeles because of its Japanese themes) looked really big filled with global corporations having the power to do everything and runned the city. One of the corporations, the Tyrell Corporation designed robots called Replicants who are awfully the same as humans yet they lack emotion. The Replicants are sent as slavery for Off World Colonies. When a conflict happens, the Replicants are outlawed on Earth and will be executed or retired if they cross the Earth.

Rick Deckard is a former blade runner, responsible for retiring the Replicants. But his boss assign him to the same mission because five replicants came back including Roy Batty the leader of the Replicants, Pris and Zhora, two pleasure models, Leon Kowalski who killed a doctor when he was being tested, and Rachael, Tyrell's assistant who becomes Deckard's love interest. The Replicants are making themselves more superior as the humans, emotionally in which they have lacked.

When a movie has a lot of ideas and interpretations, movie critics would wanted to see a movie and be challenged by that movie. This was why many of them especially the public loved 2001: A Space Oddysey, The Matrix and Inception. But this kind of challenge reminds me of a South Park episode "The Tale Of Scrottie McBoogerballs" where readers intepret many ideas of a bookthat make total non sense. This is how I feel towards critics when they review movies, but they're actually right. 

Blade Runner is almost awesome. IT is directed by Ridley Scott, some of Hollywood's superior directors and it's beautifully directed. Although set in the future and giving us a glimpse of future technology it doesn't follow the ordinary conventions of the science fiction like weapons that shoot out laser or flying vehicles. I think it's like A Clockwork Orange which also does the same time. 

Thanks to the charismatic performances of every actor especially Harrison Ford, the characters are absolutely vivid. With Rugter Hauer nailing as Roy Batty who is emotionally powered as the leader of the Replicants, Sean Young as the emotionally scorned replicant Rachael as well as M. Emnett Walsh who retains his typecast in film noir. It has ideas that many people would want to intepret and scenes and characters that are almost mysterious like the scene with the unicorn or the blade runner played by Edward James Olmos who makes origami that sends a message to Deckard. 

For instance, Blade Runner was set in an environment that is so pessimistic to the viewer because of the industries being set in there and the corporations running Los Angeles with clues of product placement bringing us lessons that globalisation is bad.  What does the eye mean at the beginning? Does Tyrell is a symbol of corrupt power? Does Batty represents people being alienated for wanting to be humans. And why does he wanted to be human? But as the movie progresses, Ford gives us an idea of fear? Fear of killing a person you're supposed to kill when you are passionate towards her.  

The cinematography is so dark and gritty as well as the music that is very seductive gives us an idea that the movie not only shows that it's science fiction, it reminds us that it is a modern film noir which is also why it is slow paced.

Like many movies mentioned, if you feel so deep about it and wonder what it is all about, then you should see it at least two times. Blade Runner is something I want to see again and again to give us really deep meanings to nature as it is today.

Like 1984, Blade Runner prove itself as one of the greatest science fiction material of all time. 

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