Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bride Wars - please make this a truce

F (0.1)

Have you ever wondered a chick flick with not the most impressive yet special name would literally be the worst chick flick you would ever witness in so many levels? Well this is it. Bride Wars.

The first film from 2009 that had cost Anne Hathaway any chance of a Best Actress Oscar for Rachel Getting Married, a movie about a wedding filled with raw emotion after being in a movie also about a wedding that's totally opposite to the former.

She joins Kate Hudson in this mind-numbing material who are best friends since childhood and they both dreamt of having a lavish wedding at the Plaza Hotel planned by prestigious wedding planner Marion St. Claire (Candice Bergen. WHY?). Hathaway plays Bride No.1 whle Hudson is Bride No.2 who's this uptight career-minding version of No.1. They just both got their engagements, they go to Marion St. Claire to book their weddings where a clerical error occured hence both weddings are on the same date at the same time. Friends turn into foes as they both become bridezillas sabotaging and uptight as a reality show bridezilla.

There's a few thin elements in where these two ultra-listed actresses are almost on the verge of degrading themselves. They have no regrets for this movie. They both had fun, every young female would have fun with this movie, but I didn't because this is not only the worst chick flick out there I have ever seen, but also the worst movie I've ever seen.

From one scene to another we are given no justification to root for these characters because they don't have any character at all except for the fact that Hudson is career minded as mentioned earlier. It's just that both Hudson and Hathaway are playing themselves who are only in for the money in which they taint their careers by doing the most ridiculous and humiliating performances you'll ever see in the cinema.

What represented by this film is this consumerist idea of having the most perfect wedding (i.e. the bridal dress, the boutique, the catering) sent out to many young girls especially teenagers. An easy message right? That's for you to say because it brings out an anti-feminist tone with a simple moral at the end that "no matter how ridiculous your dreams are, they'll come true". Bride Wars brings in two stereotypes. One is obviously Bridezilla in where the bride treats people like shit since she is tight for the wedding. The other is where like almost every woman portrayed in every chick flick. They're hysterical, they look for love and things go horribly wrong for them and the worst thing is the audience takes this whole concept for granted

With a screenplay filled with witless jokes and excruciating dialogue, it's often remarkable a chick flick that would aim at women backfires for being so misogynistic. Bride Wars is an epitome of that theory despite the fact it raked in $111 million worldwide.

Bride Wars is a grim outlook for cinema today. This is top-notch cinema responsible for the decline of Western Civilisation. Girls, persist if you want to please, I want to torture myself.

Oh the places you go... wait... another moment of thinking 'which way?' 

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